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A Masterpiece Written In Our Own Era

A Masterpiece Written In Our Own Era

Old Southern Apples by Creighton Lee Calhoun, Jr. (with Edith Calhoun) Without question, the most remarkable horticultural history book of this decade was released in late January, some fifteen years after its first edition astounded orchard keepers and agricultural historians everywhere. The second edition of Old Southern Apples is not simply expanded to include 1800 […]

Food security at historic watershed

Food security at historic watershed

The New Mexican Posted: Monday, February 07, 2011 Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the farming capacity and food security of the border states are at an all-time low, and are likely to get worse before they are fully transformed to more sustainable and cost-efficient systems. Recently, with a dozen experts from four states, we […]

Arizona's "foodsheds" at Risk

Arizona’s “foodsheds” at Risk

Arizona sits in the most arid region in the U.S. But it produces a surprising amount of food, from ancient crops like beans and corn, to winter vegetables that show up on dinner tables around the country. A new report, though, shows some cracks in the southwest’s food systems.

UA Report Looks at State of Southwestern 'Foodsheds'

UA Report Looks at State of Southwestern ‘Foodsheds’

Unprecedented pressures exist on food security and farming capacity in the U.S. borderland states, according to a new regional food assessment by University of Arizona researchers and their colleagues. The economic downturn, water scarcity, rising oil prices, climate change and the loss of prime farmlands are creating “a perfect storm” that is likely to leave many hungry people in its wake.

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